Vektro Auto Pool Cleaner

Vektro Auto Pool Cleaner
Vektro Auto Pool Cleaner
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Suitable for above ground pools and flat bottomed in-ground pools up to 24ft diameter or 45 sq m floor area.

Charge up the Lithium-ion batteries and let the Vektro take care of the cleaning unrestricted by a power cable.  Simply attach the retrieval cord to the cleaner and the pool edge to make it easy to pull back to you when you want to remove the cleaner from the pool.

Patented "Stop & Go" system allows for efficient cleaning, the Vektro detects the pool wall and diverts itself away and continues collecting in it's extra large capacity debris bag.

Angled fins help the unit maintain surface contact along with large non slip wheels.

The water sensor ensures the motor only activates once the cleaner is submerged.

LED battery indicator blinks to warn when there is 10 mins battery life remaining

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