Services / Products

With around 40 years of experience in the pool industry, we can offer a comprehensive range of services including:


At Aquafayre Pool & Leisure Services, we try to keep a good supply of the most common replacement parts.  However, if not in stock, we can usually source and supply within a matter of days.

POOL SURROUND:  Skimmer Spares, Inlet & Vacuum Points, Main Drain Grilles

LIGHTING:  Certikin Sealed Beams, Halogens, LED’s, Edison Screw plus Gaskets

POOL EQUIPMENT: Ladder Spares, Handrail Spares

PUMP & FILTERS: Spider Gaskets, Multiport Valve Spares, Lids, Gaskets, Filter Baskets, Pressure Gauges, Sta-Rite, Lacron, Triton,Midas, Praher, Hayward, ITT, ASTRAL, TAGELUS, ATIKA

POOL CLEANERS: Swivels, Mender Nuts, Wall fittings, Back-Up Valves, Hoses, Diaphragm, Weights, Bags, Wing Kits, Baracuda, Swim Vac, Polaris, Letro Legend, Hayward Navigator Magiclean, Nitro, Cruiser, Dolphin, Automatic cleaners, Suction cleaner, Electric cleaners

REELS / COVERS Steering Wheels, Castors, Tow Rope, Strap Kits, Leading Edge Kits, Thumb Screws, Wedges, Press-Fix Connectors, Automatic covers, Walu, Aquamatic, Safety covers, Plastica Reel Easy

ABOVE GROUND POOL Hoses, Gaskets, Return Fittings, Skimmer Baskets, Pumps, Liners,  Valves, Filter Cartridges, Filters, Spare Parts, Intex, Bestway, Doughboy

SPA SPARES Jets, Knobs, Pumps, Blowers, Filter Cartridges, Fragrances, Spa maintenance, Cove Spas, Garden Leisure, Spa Form

PIPE & FITTINGS are available off the shelf including: Rigid ABS Pipe - Metric & Imperial, Flexible Hose - 1½" and 1¼", Pipe Fittings - Metric & Imperial, Ball Valves - from ¼" to 3", Flow Switches / Non Return Valves, Expanding Plugs


Vinyl Liner Repair Kits, Rotabond Underwater Sealant, Wet R' Dry & Pipe Cleaner, PTFE Tape, Flexible Sealant, Tufmix, Silicone Sealant



Aquafayre Pool and Leisure Services stock a wide selection of maintenance equipment for both the In-Ground and Above Ground Pool Owner, Saunas and Spas.

GENERAL EQUIPMENT including: Nets and Brushes, Vacuum Heads & Hoses, Thermometers & Dosers, Telescopic Handles, Spa Wands, Venturi Vacuums  (Ideal for Above Ground Pools and fishponds) Repair Products

COVERS & LINERS including: Solar Covers, Winter Debris Covers, Automatic & Safety Covers, Reel Systems, Pool Liners (For In-Ground & Above Ground Pools), Spa Covers & Spa Lifters, Solar Protector Sheets, Heat Retention Covers, Aquamatic Covers, Walu Covers, Roldeck Slatted Covers, Reel Storage Covers

POOL CLEANERS including: Letro Legend Pressure Cleaner, Baracuda Suction Cleaners, Polaris Pressure Cleaners, Hayward Navigator, Magiclean Above Ground Pool Cleaners, Swim Vac, Dolphin Electric Cleaner, C400 Cruiser Above Ground Cleaner, Nitro Electric Cleaner

HEATING, FILTRATION & DOSERS including: Pumps & Filters, Heaters – Electric, Gas, LPG, Oil, Solar, Salt Chlorinators, Brominators, Air Source Heatpumps, Solar Pods & Solar Panels



Aquafayre Pool and Leisure Services stock a wide selection of pool and spa chemicals, fragrances and sauna milks.  We can help you choose the best products for your pool and lifestyle.

SANITISERS including: Stabilised Chlorine Granules / Tablets, Multi-Function Chlorine Tablets, Holiday Tablets, Bromine Tablets, Pure Dried Vacuum Salt, 5-Buoys and Mini-Buoys, Blue Crystal, Baquacil, Revacil (chlorine-free)

OXIDISERS including: Chlorine Quick Dissolve Shock Granules, Fi-Clor Superfast Shock Granules, Non-Chlorine Shock, Liquid Chlorine, Energize Sachets

WATER BALANCE including: pH Reducer, pH Increaser, Alkalinity Increaser, Hardness Increaser

ALGAECIDE including: Super Algaecide Concentrate, Sunspot Super Black Algaecide, All Seasons Long-Life Copper Algaecide, Fi-Clor Multi-Function Non-Copper Algaecide, Algae Eliminator

WATER CLARIFIERS including: Granular Floc, Super Water Clarifier, Jolly Gel Clarifier Gel Cubes, Goldifloc Clarifier Tablets

SPECIALITY PRODUCTS including: Nature 2 Mineral Cartridge, Chlorine Stabiliser (Cyanuric Acid), Chlorine / Bromine Neutraliser, Stain & Scale Inhibitor, Waterline Cleaning Gel, Sand Filter Cleaner

ABOVE GROUND POOL PRODUCTS including: Stabilised Chlorine Granules, Small Chlorine Tablets, Superfast Shock Pots, pH Plus / pH Minus, Alkalinity Increaser, Hardness Increaser, 5-Buoys & Mini-Buoys

SPA & SAUNA SPECIALITIES including: Spa Clarifier, Spa No-Foam, Lo Chlor Hot Tub Cleaner, Filter & Cartridge Cleaner, Stain & Scale Inhibitor, Bromine Tablets, Non-Chlorine Shock, 303 Cover Cleaner / Protector, pH Adjusters, Alkalinity Increaser, Hardness Increaser

TEST EQUIPMENT including: Chlorine / Bromine Test Strips, Chlorine / Bromine Test Kits, DPD No. 1 Test Tablets, Phenol Red Test Tablets, Alkalinity Test Kits, Hardness Test Kits, Blue Crystal Test Tablets & Liquid, Salt test kit, Water Testing Service, Digital testers





Aquafayre are your local distributor for RELAX, COVE and GARDEN LEISURE spas; from budget range to deluxe to suit all purses and garden space.

All our Spas come complete with cover, chemical pack, filter cartridge, ozonator and light.

Visit our showroom for spa chemicals, test equipment, filter cartridges, aromatherapy products, lights, toys and games.


Buy fireworks ALL YEAR ROUND

Aquafayre Pool & Leisure Services are fully licensed to supply your fireworks ALL YEAR ROUND. We can help match fireworks to your particular occasion and budget.

We stock Selection Boxes, Low Noise, Multishot Cakes, Roman Candles, Rocket packs, Large Rockets, Catherine Wheels, Fountains, Sparklers

To view a small selection of the fireworks we offer please visit the Fireworks section of our online shop.

You must be over 18 years of age to purchase fireworks and may be asked to show proof of age when purchasing in the show room


Aquafayre hold a good selection of above ground swimming pools and paddling pools, to suit all gardens and budgets. Plus accessories including replacement pumps and sand filters.

PADDLING POOLS in all shapes and sizes, to suit babies, toddlers and teenagers alike.

INTEX POOLS with inflatable top ring or metal frames, round or oval, to fit into any space in your garden.

SPLASHER POOLS with metal sides for a more permanent fixture, complete with cartridge filtration or sand filtration

Our bestselling WOODEN POOL is available in a variety of sizes and comes complete with sand filter and pump, ladder, covers, maintenance kit and chemical starter kit. All you need is water and swimmers. Premium wooden pools and Eco wooden pools supplied.




Aquafayre Pool & Leisure Services are a family-run swimming pool company, with over forty years experience within the industry. We specialise in swimming pool maintenance and refurbishment, offering Spring and Autumn Servicing, regular maintenance contracts and Holiday Service. We undertake breakdowns and repairs, plus pressure testing and leak finding. We can install plant rooms, heating, liners and covers, plus tile work and surrounds.

Our showroom is well stocked with all your basic pool and spa chemicals plus maintenance equipment. We offer help and advice on water balance, maintaining your pool or spa, plus heating and filtration.

Some companies enjoy selling a product but leave you wanting if you have a problem. That's not our work ethic - we want happy customers to pass the word, so customer care and after sales support are high on our list of priorities; most of our customers become friends, and a lot of our work is from referrals. Whether you are looking to purchase a heatpump or an automatic cover, or just need a helping hand on site, we would be more than happy to offer our services.