Elecro Vulcan 3kw Pool Heater

Elecro Vulcan 3kw Pool Heater
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3kw electric pool heater made by Elecro  (heater is black not white as shown in pic!)

Ideal for small above ground pools of around 2000galls max as only requires 1 cubic m per hour flow from the pump to function.
Easy to install with the pipe fittings supplied and a 3 pin plug connection.
Can be floor or vertically wall mounted
Temperature control dial to heat to your optimum level
Ultra reliable and safe with an internal flow switch and overheat sensor
3 year conditional warranty

**Although the box the heater comes in states it has titanium elements and is suitable for salt water pools, this model of heater was always produced with stainless steel elemtns previously.  We have contacted Elecro who cannot confirm either way which it has so we would not like to claim it is titanium when it may not be **


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